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Integrate web3 technology into your business.


We offer a variety of services ranging from advisory to tech integration, an all-in-one stop for everything NFT related

Our team has an extensive background in marketing, branding, web development and has been operating in the Solana ecospace since 2021. We focus on providing an innovative service model that allows web2 companies to easily tap into the power of NFTs.




Royalty Revenue

Customer is king, and with NFT technology, you can now strengthen the bond between your clients & your business like never before! This new technology allows you to create communities of loyal & long-term customers and reward them with benefits.

With collections ranging between 2-10 thousand units, it opens your business to the possibility of raising additional funds. The average amount of funds raised during the initial sale starts at approximately 150 thousand and can reach 2 million USD.

NFTs allow you to set the royalty % on each sale on secondary markets. So every time an NFT exchanges hands, your company receives a percentage of that sale. Royalties range between


IRL Marketing Value

Early mover advantage

Own ecosystem

Bringing web3 technology into a web2 business offers a huge branding and marketing potential. Additionally, it often sparks interest amongst media outlets, offering a tremendous reach outside your existing customer base.

Integrating blockchain technology & familiarising yourself with the NFT ecosystem offers a technological advantage over your competition. Lead the way in changing the way businesses operate.

Ever thought of owning your own cryptocurrency as a business? Or maybe you want to create a separate website experience for your most loyal customers? We will help you choose the best option for your business!

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